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Double-Edged Bolt & Screw Extractors from Rennsteig

Nothing is more frustrating than when a bolt or screw breaks

Key Features:

• Four-double edged cutting / gripping edges = 8 points of contact
• Non-slip engagement removes even the toughest frozen bolts
• Tip has built-in center punch, no additional tool required
• For both left and right-handed threads
• 7 sizes available
• Made of High Alloy German Chrome Vanadium steel for a long life

5 Easy Steps

1. Mark the center point for your drill hole using the built-in center punch on the extractor
2. Drill a hole in the bolt
3. Drive the bolt extractor into the bore hole until the cutting edges are in full contact with the broken bolt
4. Use a wrench, pliers or socket to remove the bolt out of the thread hole – turn it either clockwise or counterclockwise
5. After unscrewing, remove the damaged screw or bolt from the extractor



Range of Options

The Rennsteig bolt and screw extractors are available as individual pieces in a plastic case or as sets in either a plastic tube, vinyl pouch or metal case. All of the packaging options can be used to store the products between uses to help keep them clean, sharp and safe.


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