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Cone Drill 7/8”  (274MC0010)

Cone Drill 7/8” (274MC0010)

  • $ 5958

1 Cone 7/8”
  • HSS Step Drills
  • Lobbed Non-Slip Shank
  • Drill 1/8” Thick
  • Double Flute
  • Bright Finish

 - Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Sheet Metals
 - Plastic Laminates
 - Sink Grade Stainless Steel
 - Auto Body Repair
 - Electrical


 More accurate control of hole size in various sheet materials up to 1/8” thick. Each step bit drills a range of sizes. The further the bit advances, the larger the diameter of the hole gets. Because step drill bits enter the material one step at a time, the operator can drill the desired hole by counting the individual steps, or by using a washer as a simple stop. The self starting tip eliminates the need for pilot holes. Applications include junction boxes, switch boxes, metal studs, electrical applications, lighting x- tures, auto body work, and many other uses.

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